Hi, I’m Xirui Dai. As a student in University of Georgia’s master program in Journalism and Mass Communication (with a concentration in Journalism), I have focused on reporting skills as well as mass communication theory research.

Among the courses I have taken, I would like to first highlight Social Media Strategies, where I learned the unique characters of each social medium and various social media campaigns, such as viral videos. With my skills in media production accumulated during my undergraduate studies, I look forward to take on real life challenges in a media company.

I have accumulated solid experience with social media. In January 2014, I interned as an associate director on a travel and food TV program produced by Shaanxi Broadcast TV station. My daily work included brainstorming the theme of each episode with the production team, coordinating shooting and editing, and promoting the program on social media. Our team produced a special program, Revisiting the Silk Road, in anticipation of the bid to register Silk Road as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. By widely distributing clips from our documentary on Shaanxi’s local delicacy, The Taste of Qin, we evoked nostalgia among social media users, and  generated one of the highest viewing rates the program has ever seen. Many audiences asked to participate in the production process, and they helped extended our social media campaign.

Similarly, I have been on the production team for projects like covering the launch of Shenzhou No.9 space shuttle and the 2013 Beishan International Music Festival, and investigating social issues such as Twelve Years of Xi’an-Xianyang Construction, the Reform of Chinese Medical Insurance System, the Dying Art of Chinese Cattle Broker and the Smuggler Issue in Hong Kong. In all of these experiences, not only have I utilized social media extensively, but also learned how journalists can help people to find the information they need, to express their appeals, and to make great ideas reach wider audiences. I believe my international background and foundation in journalism will facilitate my transition into an effective member of your team.

I am a quick learner and I am able to work in a high-pace working environment. Attached is my resume. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at xd25368@uga.edu or call me at 7062069788.


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